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Welcome Palak!

Palak is a third-year student in the Medical Sciences program at Brock University. She is working towards the completion of her degree in order to pursue a career in the field of medicine. She has recently become a member of Dr. Burnham Riosa’s lab as a research assistant to gain research experience, which will aid her in her future in medicine. Palak’s interests in disability studies are extensive and include examining methods that promote the overall well-being of individuals living with disabilities, and their families. Palak’s interests have stemmed through her work experience as an inclusion facilitator for children and adolescents that are living with disabilities. She has also had the pleasure of supervising a summer support program for children living with disabilities. Palak is delighted to have been presented with an opportunity to get involved and is looking forward to working with a remarkable team.

Welcome Palak to our lab as a research assistant!

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