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Mindfulness and Parenting Study

Effects of a Brief Mobile Mindfulness Application on Mindful Parenting, Child Noncompliance, and Parental Stress of Parents of Children with Autism

Student Principal Investigator: Jean Phan

The pervasiveness of autism and its associated behavioural difficulties, including noncompliance, may be stressful in parents of children with autism who are susceptible to anxiety, depression, and caregiver burnout. In turn, parent stress may negatively impact child behaviour. The application of mindfulness to parenting (i.e., mindful parenting) has shown positive effects on parenting stress and child behavioural difficulties in children with autism while improving overall parent-child interactions and family functioning. Technological advancements in the development of mindfulness mobile applications have presented a promising opportunity to address a variety of barriers in both interactive and dynamic ways while also being cost-effective, flexible, and widely accessible. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a mindfulness application (Headspace®) to improve mindful parenting behaviours, child noncompliance, and parenting stress of parents of children with autism.


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