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Congratulations on the First Draft of our Lab Website

It was my honour to take the opportunity and be responsible for our Lab Website. The first concept of the website was brought around the end of September 2020.

I had some experience with crafting websites in my working experiences. I initiated a local commercial website and a few personal non-profit webpages before this site. My concept of building up a website is to communicate with the teams and do many tweaks and revisions untill they are happy with the version.

Dr. Burnham Riosa and I discussed the tools (different website builders). We researched and compared between 10 different website builders. Base on our lab needs and preference, we finally selected Wix for creating our lab website. We prepared the content for our lab website by sharing files via our lab SharePoint online.

Brainstorming and Sketching

The conceptualized philosophy of the website was clean and modern looking.

Before I constructed the wireframe, I searched the internet for professional websites with clean and modern looking. I also got some websites or templates that caught Dr. Burnham Riosa's eyes. As a result, I had seen more than 20 websites, attempting to get the inspirations and figure out the best fit for our lab website. Once I had a vision of what the website should look like when it was completed, I started sketching the lab website's wireframe. The wireframe was shown below:

First Draft of Design

I was a little too much emphasis on simplicity. Plus, I do not have any pictures and images handy. As a result, the first draft was very straightforward, as the picture showed below.

The first draft of Design was reviewed during our lab meeting on October 19, 2020. Many inspirations were brought to the discussions this time.

Thanks to Dr. Burnham Riosa and all our lab members' ideas and supports. :)

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