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Second Draft of Design was Launched on Nov 9th, 2020

The first change was made to the main image on the homepage. Due to the COVID-19, it was very challenging to take actual photos of our lab at Brock University. Therefore, Dr. Burnham Riosa suggested using the word clouds to create an image and use it on our homepage. Thus, I selected an online WordArt ( creator and input 20 keywords with different sizes to generate an image. I merged the word clouds with the brain shape and made our home page's main image as shown. Still, the lab logo design was not confirmed yet.

The theme colour switched from black, white and grey to different blues by considering BLUE is used for World Autism Awareness Day.

I divided the research section into two sub-sections: "current projects" and "complete projects," as discussed in our lab meeting. I created content databases for publications, lab members and projects. I re-designed all the repeaters under these three sections. Furthermore, the "News" section was changed to the "Blog "section. As a result, all the lab members could be invited and be the writer here!

Here are some snapshots of our second draft of design:

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