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Burnham Riosa Lab Website is NOW Live!

It is an exciting moment that Dr. Burnham Riosa brings her Lab Website Live!

I am jubilant that I could have a chance to share our final edits here before the launch.

  • We adjusted a large amount of blank space at the end of each current project with partners, collaborators, funders or related information and resources

  • Brynn, one of the students, who graduated from her Master of Arts (MA) in applied disability studies program, we transferred her from the current MA students section to the Alumni section

  • Correspondingly, we moved her project, "An analysis of behavioural interventions for transition difficulties of children and youth with developmental disabilities (Jichici & Burnham Riosa)" to our complete projects section

Here are the glances at our website before launching on April 6, 2021:

Launching the lab website is the beginning of our lab digital journey, we are looking forward to collaborating actively with researchers and students around the world in the field of applied disability studies with this wonderful digital platform.

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